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10 May Why Many People Buy An Action Camera When Mobile Phone Camera Can Take - Campark - Focus on Cameras
John 0 2041
With a plethora of brands offering different variants with different features in the market, there is hardly anyone who does not own a fancy mobile. By all means, nowadays, the excellent picture quality and various video shooting options in mobiles have made people more and more inclined to using them instead of cameras. It is difficult to carry a..
09 May Top 5 Features Every Action Camera Should Have - Campark - Focus on Cameras
John 0 2258
While looking for the best action cam, you will be overwhelmed by the number of choices you get from different brands with variable features. Relying blindly on a particular brand can be your choice but what if other brands have better features? Similarly, the lowest priced base models can save you a few bucks but would its sub-standard features sa..
02 Aug Trail camera with wifi function
John 0 5525
Trail camera is a special kind of camera, so it will be very different from ordinary camera. It does not have the gorgeous appearance and exquisite size of ordinary cameras. It pays more attention to application. Its definition requires it to have higher reliability than ordinary cameras. Let me summarize the points that everyone is most concerned ..
15 Sep Campark solar panels review and application
John 0 15850
Why you need a solar panel to run trail camera?As we all know, a trail camera requires constant battery replacement to continue working, but trail cameras are generally installed in high places, such as trees, power poles, or forests and other remote places.The trail camera is working 24 hours a day and consumes a lot of battery. If the battery is ..
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