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08 Dec Christmas gift cheat sheet: gifts for him
John 0 2448
Christmas gift cheat sheet: gifts for him"All festivals are not for gifts and money, but to remind everyone not to forget to love and be loved. Life needs a sense of ritual to be more happy. In fact, it’s also our care for each other! "So picking a suitable gift is very important, but for many people, picking a gift is really a headache. Recently, ..
21 Oct A budget action camera you maybe want to know - Campark - Focus on Cameras
John 0 2669
Today we take a look at the Campark V40. A dual screen, waterproof,native 4k,with no case (up to 5 meters) budget action camera. Is it worth the cheaper price?   Overview: It records in native 4k up to 30 frames per second has a front facing screen which is pretty awesome and is waterproof without a case. Up to 5 meters or roughly 15 feet the cam..
26 Sep What should I pay attention to when buying an action camera? - Campark - Focus on Cameras
John 0 2201
If you are an outdoor sports enthusiast, when you first buy an action camera, what will you pay more attention to, brand? price? Or performance? If your first idea is the GoPro just because it makes almost all headlines, you should reconsider. Other brands pack a powerful punch regarding video quality and durability, and it would be a shame to over..
23 Sep How to buy a action camera in 2020
John 0 8230
When you go out to play and see beautiful scenery, you always have to hold the video with your hands.It is not convenient to take pictures while walking, especially if a group of people are playing together, then others cannot wait for you all the time.Although the phone has an anti-shake effect, it sometimes shakes. At this time, you need an actio..
24 Sep How to Find the Best Waterproof Action Camera for You - Campark - Focus on Cameras
John 0 14671
Action cameras are generally the best friend of people who have an interest in adventure. In case of some of the sports, adventure cameras can prove to be the best means of photography. However, there are numerous action cameras available in the market; you need to choose the best waterproof action camera for yourself. There are some effective way..
24 Sep Why do you need an action camera? - Campark - Focus on Cameras
John 0 12032
1: Immediateness of shooting  This can also be called the fleeting moment of shooting. Have you ever been online at home, turned around and found that the cat in the family made a cute action and expression, immediately reached for the mobile phone to take a picture, and already in your head you put this photo on the po After Weibo was reposted by ..
27 May 5 Ultimate Action Camera Care Tips You Must Consider - Campark - Focus on Cameras
John 0 15782
Have you ever wondered what causes that mysterious spot that appears in your videos or photos? Well if you are constantly switching the various lenses while shooting videos or photos with your action camera, proper care is required. Action cameras are durable and waterproof against water and dust. Remember, all electronic products need maintenance ..
15 May Which is the Best Budget Action Camera with a Wi-Fi Feature? - Campark - Focus on Cameras
John 0 5202
Photography is a trending hobby for today’s youth. Everyone wants to capture their moments on their cameras in the most epic way! However, you can't use your standard camera to shoot underwater or sports scenes. For that, there are action cameras you can rely on! But choosing the best action camera is quite tough.New action cameras are coming ..
10 May Why Many People Buy An Action Camera When Mobile Phone Camera Can Take - Campark - Focus on Cameras
John 0 2169
With a plethora of brands offering different variants with different features in the market, there is hardly anyone who does not own a fancy mobile. By all means, nowadays, the excellent picture quality and various video shooting options in mobiles have made people more and more inclined to using them instead of cameras. It is difficult to carry a..
09 May Top 5 Features Every Action Camera Should Have - Campark - Focus on Cameras
John 0 2389
While looking for the best action cam, you will be overwhelmed by the number of choices you get from different brands with variable features. Relying blindly on a particular brand can be your choice but what if other brands have better features? Similarly, the lowest priced base models can save you a few bucks but would its sub-standard features sa..
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